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Simply provide a text prompt in the editor or with the API, and watch as HTML Wave AI creates a customized and visually stunning web page template for you!
You can also edit the page using HTML Wave AI's WYSIWYG editor!

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Prompt-based designs

HTML Wave AI allows users to create professional-looking web pages simply by entering text prompts. Users can describe what the website is for, colors, fonts, etc, and HTML Wave AI generates a custom template based on their inputs.

Mobile friendly

HTML Wave AI creates templates that are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your website looks great on any screen size.


HTML Wave AI creates templates that are customized to the user's specific needs, while also maintaining a high level of design quality.

Instant design

Upon entering the prompt, you will receive an instantly prepared page design accompanied by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for the page, which you can conveniently copy.


The website additionally provides a WYSIWYG Editor, allowing you to make visual edits to the page according to your requirements, such as modifying text and images effortlessly.

Integratable with API

HTML Wave AI also provides a free REST API, enabling you to generate pages or individual components. View API documentation. This API can also be utilized directly from the HTML Wave software. To download the software, visit here.

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